Frequently Asked Questions About the Career

Does this career involve sales?
Yes, this is a career in sales and we are proud of it! Did you know that most Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) of the Fortune 500 corporations have a background in sales? For that alone, you should seriously consider this career.

I don’t have any sales experience, can I still succeed?
Yes, very much so! Most financial advisers in our team started out with ZERO sales experience. The intensive training, mentoring system, and positive work environment that we have in place will help you succeed.

Is my income commission-based?
Yes, your income is based on commissions for the business that you bring in.  Hence, you can earn unlimited income with no maximum cap. You can earn as much as you can depending on your performance. There is no basic salary and there are no allowances, but we believe that the commissions of our team of financial advisers are above the norm here in the Philippines.

How do I start?
Send your resume via email to or contact us directly.

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